The Golden Thread

Understanding the capacity and capability of the UK built environment to deliver and retain digital information
A research based report produced by

the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) and i3PT Certification


When it was published in May 2018, the Building a Safer Future report highlighted the urgent need to change attitudes and behaviours towards building safety within the construction industry. It was clear that the sector needed to adopt new ways of working if it was to ensure that the tragedy of Grenfell Tower was never repeated and that residents in higher risk buildings were safe, and could feel safe, in their homes.

One of the key recommendations of the report was the need for a digital golden thread of building information that was maintained throughout the lifecycle of a building. This was a recognition of the fact that very often the information that was available to building owners and managers was incomplete, out of date and difficult to access. But how prepared was the industry to deliver the golden thread and what would be needed to make it happen?

These were the questions that the Chartered Institute of Building and i3PT Certification set out to answer earlier this year when they commissioned a survey to investigate the golden thread. This report presents the findings of that survey and whilst it does not offer solutions, it does provide an insight into the industry’s understanding of the golden thread and what will be needed to deliver it in practice.

Importantly it shows that whilst there is support for the golden thread there are barriers to adoption that will need to be overcome and for that we need to look to industry and government to lead the way.
Written by Paul Nash MSC PPCIOB

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