This survey is
a collaboration between

the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB)
and i3PT Certification

Research Timeline :
  • Survey launch date : 26/06/20
  • Survey close : 04/09/20
  • Interim report of findings : 26/10/20
  • Final report and launch event : 12/20
Take the Survey About the Building Safety Bill

About the survey :

The approximate time for completion of this survey is 20 minutes, however this will depend on how much additional information you choose to provide.

The survey is split in to the following sections:

  • Section 1: Your Details
  • Section 2: The Golden Thread - You
  • Section 3: The Golden Thread - Your Organisation
  • Section 4: The Golden Thread - The Industry
  • Section 5: Good practice and case studies (optional)

Where you are unsure of how to answer please select "Unsure", as these responses are still important to us.

Most questions have a free text box to provide further comment on your answer if you wish. This is so that we can collect both qualitative and quantitative data for the final report.

Respondent details will not be included in the final report, and although we may quote responses, they will not be attributed to any individual or organisation unless we have explicit permission from the respondent to do so.

The recommendations in the Building a Safer Future report and the resulting changes to legislation will be applicable in the UK only, however the issues that have been highlighted are prevalent in the built environment across the globe. With that in mind, although the questions in this survey are written from the point of view of the UK industry, we welcome responses and input from around the world.

Before completing the survey please read the CIOB Privacy Notice

By taking this survey you are consenting to your data being shared with CIOB and i3PT. This data will only be used for purposes relating to this research.


By taking this survey you could be in with a chance of winning one of the following prizes - an iPad, and sets of £100 and £200 Amazon vouchers.